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Bathroom Updates? Yes please!

Are you thinking about updating your bathroom? Or maybe you're heading in the direction of a new build and you need some ideas about what to include in your construction plans. No matter what you're starting with, modern-day bathroom trends can be great sources of interior design inspiration. Here are three current bathroom trends worth giving a try.

Stick with all matte black fixtures

For a long time, brass and gold were the go-to fixture styles of choice. From the handles on drawers and the knobs on cabinets to faucets heads and sinks, a lot of people opted for either brass or gold because they have been trendy for a while now. However, it's time for brass and gold to take a backseat as matte black fixtures step into the spotlight. Matte black fixtures add a certain level of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom, so if you're looking to make a chic addition to your bathroom, matte black fixtures might just be the answer. Even better, black pairs beautifully with just about every color, so you won't be limited in terms of creativity when you choose matte black bathroom fixtures. Whether you want to keep things neutral by combining matte black fixtures with neutral colors or you're more inclined to go the route of bold colors like red and purple, the versatility of matte black fixtures makes both options possible. Embody the look and feel of a spa at home With the help off this bathroom trend, you won't have to seek out a professional spa or visit a local salon

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