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Endless possibilities.

The kitchen island is not a new trend but its role has proved to be more of a utility player as of late. With windows on the rise and cabinet space decreasing, architects have figured out modern day solutions to this modern day problem. This addition is so multi-functional for the reason it is 100% customizable and perfectly made to meet the individual needs of your kitchen.

Just to list a few features that an island might entail:

  • Extra outlets

  • Towel rack

  • Trash bin pull out

  • Space for extra seating

  • Space for a dishwasher

  • Toe kick drawer for pet food

  • Sliding compact spice rack

  • Easily accessible cookware shelving

  • Storage for a microwave

  • Beverage & wine fridge

  • The list is endless. If you can think of it, it most likely can be done. For help in the design of your kitchen, please give us a call. John Relyea owner of JTR Artworks Constrution a call.

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