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Hot Market!

When are remodeling your existing home in a hot real estate market, keep in mind that the professionals you need to help you get to a successful outcome are likely very busy.

However, working with skilled professionals like JTR Artworks will ensure that you are happy with your home once it is complete, and experience fewer delays and missteps along the way.

This means that you’re not going to have to commit to pursuing the professionals you want to speak to and work with, JTR Artworks has that covered.

Don’t get frustrated if you have to chase down builders, designers and other professionals before you get started. That’s simply the way it works in a hot real estate market, so be patient and try to be as accommodating as possible when working towards scheduling time for meetings and such.

Expect that your project may not get underway as quickly as you would like. To avoid delays once your project is underway, have JTR Artworks full design and construction team lined up before you begin.

Pro Tip: JTR Artworks Makes sure that your key milestones and completion date are set out in your contract(s).

Above all else, don’t give in to the temptation of just trying to design your new remodel by yourself. Take advantage of our design team.

A well-designed home is so much more than four walls and a roof! Consider that there are many options for getting a beautiful plan pre-designed for you. Designing homes is a highly technical skill that requires years of training, JTRArtworks has over 30 years of Home renovations.

A major renovation is a huge financial investment and is also technically complex – engaging the right professionals to handle the intricacies of your home design and construction will protect your investment and ensure you are happy in your new home for years to come.

JTR Artworks LLC

John Relyea


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