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Medicine Cabinets

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or looking to update a few elements of your existing bathroom space, you will want to consider adding a mirrored medicine cabinet. While some may think the mirror is outdated, the modern medicine cabinet is returning with more style and greater functionality to complement any space. There are two installation options.

first is to recess the cabinet into the wall. You'll need to create the space if one does not already exist. Generally speaking, older homes will have an existing cutout. It's then a matter of finding a similar-size mirror or creating more space. These mirrors sit inside the wall and have a streamlined, modern appearance.

The second option is to mount it on the wall. With this option, the mirror will jut out about 3-4 inches from the wall. There are deeper mirrors that provide about 6 inches of additional usable space. This is a budget-friendly option that will save you the effort of creating the recess. 

There are also medicine cabinets that do not have a mirrored front. These are best installed in places just outside the bathroom, where items will still be accessible, or in a bathroom that already has a mirror.

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