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Not only do we store, prepare, and cook our food in this space, the kitchen is often the star “multitasker” in any home. On any given day, the kitchen may also serve as a space for kids to do homework, families to share meals (in place of the less-used formal dining area), friends to be entertained, crafters to spread out their materials for that next great project, and where neighbors pop in for an impromptu coffee date. It might even be where you sneak in a quick hand of online poker as you grab a midnight snack. No? Just me? The kitchen, serving so many functions, becomes the center of any home. And for this reason, the quality of the space matters - perhaps more than any other room in the house. A great kitchen is also an important way to protect your investment, or to improve the resale value of your home. Home-buyers – whether looking to purchase a new home from a builder, or looking to buy from a home-owner – see a great kitchen as one of the most important selling features of any home.

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