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Your shower or bath space should provide a feeling of relaxation, and having the right shower or bathtub space is important for a home spa. To find the right solution for your space, you may need to rework your plumbing and electrical layout.

Consider replacing your jetted tub with a freestanding tub for an updated, space-saving solution. If you want to create a space for both showering and bathing, consider a wet room. Open showers are an option too, as they create a visually spacious room with a luxurious look. However, they can sometimes feel colder than an enclosed shower space. To prevent this, glass panels can replace traditional shower curtains to make your bath feel lighter and less cramped. Steam showers are a great option too, as they can offer many health benefits. Oh, and don’t forget to think about storage! If you would like to have a custom niche built into your tile or a shower bench, your remodeling team will need to include those elements in the plans as well.

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